Wishes For Promise Day

Rise Up to Your Partner’s Expectations with Your Promises on Valentine Week’s Promise Day

The Valentine week starts with fresh rose blooms, goes on to make love proposals, sweetens with chocolates, hugs with soft teddy bears and then includes the making of promises to your loved one. The fifth day, 11th February, Promise Day is the day of making promises to your partner.

Your partner must have waited for a long time for a specific promise to come from you and today is the best opportunity to make it happen. However, you need to take care and promise something that you can fulfil. It is better to promise less and put in efforts to accomplish more. You should in no case disappoint your partner by failing to live-up-to your promise.

Some people mouth promises which they claim are their own but in fact they are words and sentences picked up from social sites. They feel that such days are just a formality. However, by doing so they are insulting the supporters who believe in the sanctity of the day. You should mean what you say. Promises should come from the bottom of your heart and only then can you maintain them lifelong.

So, celebrate the day with your loved one by making the promises they desire!

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