Valentine’s Gifts for Working Moms: The Top 8 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Busy Mother on February 14

These ideas for Valentine’s Day are both practical and loving – and slightly less romantic than Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lovers. These gifts for working moms do more to increase her emotional and psychological health than revive your love (though increased emotional health does lead to more love!).

8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

  1. Listen to her needs. What’s the one thing she wishes you’d do more often, or one thing she wants more of? If you’re not sure, then ask her. Maybe she wants more time to focus on her goals, or less time cleaning the house. To give the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a working mom, listen to her needs.
  2. Coffee & tea gift baskets. Give her a Valentine’s Day basket full of specialty teas and coffees. Collect an assortment of organic teas, Mexican hot chocolates, and chocolate pecan-flavored coffees, or order a gift basket online. This Valentine’s Day gift for a working mom will ensure she has her own special treats.
  3. Bath gift baskets. Pamper her with a lovely basket of massage oil, scented lotion, bubble bath and soaps. This Valentine’s Day gift for a working mom is even better when you include “tickets to the bath”, which allow her to escape for an hour.
  4. Kids’ tickets & a babysitting coupon. Give a busy mother a quiet afternoon at home. Buy tickets to a kid’s concert, movie or event – and offer to take the child that day. This Valentine’s Day gift for a working mom will ensure she has time to herself at home. Or, hire a babysitter or recruit an aunt or uncle to take the kid away, and spend the afternoon with your Valentine.
  5. New technology. Upgrade her Ipod or DVD player. Give the home computer a tune up by adding new software – or replacing it altogether. Give her a Wii and games just for her (that she can share with the kids if she wants!).
  6. Extra help. If you’re a married couple and she’s always been in charge of the meals, take one meal over permanently. It could be making breakfast, preparing lunch for the kids, or planning dinner. Give her a break from cooking. This Valentine’s Day gift for a working mom will reduce her stress level and make her feel better about you and your marriage.
  7. Gift certificates to pamper her. Give her a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage day at a spa. This Valentine’s Day gift for a working mom will give her an afternoon or day to herself, which will reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. She’ll come home feeling healthy, happy and rejuvenated.
  8. How does she relieve stress? Does she run to keep fit? Give her a gift certificate to a sports store. Does she do yoga to relieve stress? Buy her a new yoga mat, outfit, or pass to a yoga class. When you’re thinking Valentine’s Day gifts for working moms, think of the activities that make her happier and more relaxed.

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