Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and you may be looking for a special gift for the woman in your life. A lot of men wait until the last minute and do not have very well thought out gifts. This can be a disappointment for your girlfriend or wife. If you are looking for a special gift that your partner will love you can try something from the following list.

A Night Out With Your Special Woman

Give your loved one two movie passes, a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, a gift card to her favorite clothing store and take her out for a night of fun. Make sure you let her pick which movie she wants to see. When you are done at the movies you can also take her out dancing at the local club.

A Romantic Night at Home

If the special lady in your life doesn’t like going out, you can set her up for a romantic evening at home. Buy her the latest “chick flick” on DVD. Purchase a bottle of wine or champagne and the ingredients to make her favorite meal. Go to the local florist and order a table centerpiece out of her favorite flowers. Purchase some candles and holders. Cook her favorite meal and set the table using the best plates and silverware and use the centerpiece and candles to make the atmosphere more romantic. When dinner is done, cuddle with her on the couch and watch the movie with her.

A Relaxing Bath

Set a relaxing bath for the woman you love. Place candles safely around the bathroom. Run her a warm bath and add her favorite bubbles or oils to the water. Let her relax for a while in the nice warm water. When her bath is done, give her a massage and a card with a certificate to a nearby spa.


Give your special woman a box of her favorite chocolates. She may also like a Valentine’s Day card with a stuffed animal. Roses would be the perfect gift to top off this idea.

Photo Album

Develop or print the pictures of you and your partner that were taken during special occasions. Purchase a photo album or make a scrapbook and give it to your partner as a gift. Make sure you write a special caption under each picture. You can also give her chocolates and a card.

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. If you are looking for a special gift for the woman in your life you can try one of these. Your partner will enjoy any gift from the list or you can make up a heartfelt gift of your own.

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