Valentine’s Day Proposals: Unique Ways to Pop the Question on February 14th

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times for couples to get engaged. If you are looking for original ways to make your proposal, try one of these.

The Element of Surprise

Keeping her guessing is part of the fun. So, for a Valentine’s Day gift, buy her a long chain necklace and put it inside a ring box with just an inch or two of the chain visible. The element of surprise is that at first she thinks it’s a ring because of the shape of the box, and then she opens it and sees it’s a necklace. However, when she pulls the chain out, the engagement ring is on the end of the necklace. Surprise!

Take her to a restaurant for dinner and afterwards order dessert. Have the waiter bring the dessert with a silver serving lid over top. Make arrangements with the pastry chef to have “Will You Marry Me?” written around the edge of her dish in chocolate sauce and the opened ring box on the plate.

Buy her a beautiful robe for Valentine’s Day. At first she may not be overly thrilled until she sees that you monogrammed the lapel with her new initials. She may be confused at first, but then she will get it. Alternatively have Mrs. Smith or Mrs. S. embroidered on the back. Put the ring box in the pocket.

Spell It Out

Spell out “Marry Me in chocolate letters. Large chocolate letters are usually sold individually in the candy section of most department stores, but if you can’t find them you can easily make them with an alphabet chocolate mold (CybrTrayd makes one as well as a chocolate mold in the shape of diamond rings). Just melt chocolate in the microwave and then pour into the mold and refrigerate. Layout the letters in a Valentine’s box of chocolates so when she opens the box (thinking she is only getting chocolates) she sees the proposal. You could also get a local baker to make the letters for you.

Change the inscription on a giant heart shaped box of chocolates from Be My Valentine to Be My Wife. You can also take a box that has no inscription on it and write it yourself using a gold marker.

Write out “Will You Marry Me?” on helium filled heart shaped balloons – a letter on each balloon. You could then also have a “yes” balloon and a “no” balloon. For fun, the “yes” balloon is held down by the ring box and the “no” balloon is held down by a suitcase.

Simple but Sweet

Give her a Valentine’s card but substitute the poem inside with the following: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I won’t be happy, until you say I do!” Make sure she reads it out loud.

Give her any piece of heart-shaped piece of jewelry, like a watch, a locket, even a compact, and engrave your marriage proposal on the back. The nice part is that she will have it forever.

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