Valentine’s Day Ideas: Romantic Hints for Married Couples on the Day of Romance

<p>Valentine’s Day is a day of love, gifts, chalky candy hearts and cards. It’s about new love, first dates and butterflies in the stomach. However this can be a holiday for married couples as well. Whether it’s rekindling the magic or just showing a significant other how much they mean on the day of love, married couples can have just as much fun on Valentine’s Day.</p>

<p><b>Little Gifts to Say “I Love You”</b></p>

<p>Not all Valentine’s Day gifts need to be large or even expensive gestures. Some of the most romantic things can be small and even free.</p>

<p>During the week of Valentine’s Day, one spouse can leave notes for the other in their car or in their lunch bag. The notes can consist of inside jokes, pet names or just a simple “I love you”. The same can be done with pictures. Pick a few favorites and leave them for the spouse with a cute note on the back.</p>

<p><b>Romantic Songs</b></p>

<p>A lot can be said through songs that can not otherwise be put into words. That perfect song that reminds people of their wedding day, first kiss and the first time they fell in love with their spouse.</p>

<p>Whether a person already has an mp3 player or a spouse needs to buy one as an extra gift, load it with songs the significant other will love. Put the song on their that was played at the wedding, the song that will always remind them of each other, fun songs and their favorite songs. If there is a loss for romantic songs to put on there, here is a list put together by some National Public Radio music experts:</p>

<p>“Big Kiss” by Carrie Rodriguez</p>

<p>“A Time for Love” by Abbie Lincoln</p>

<p>“I Just Want to Make Love to You” by Muddy Waters</p>

<p>“Luiza” by Antonio Carlos Jobim</p>

<p>The spouse will be excited not only because the mp3 player is new but that it’s already loaded with a few great songs. And if they already own an mp3 player they will be surprised to find news songs on it when it’s given back to them with a bow.</p>

<p><b>Date Night</b></p>

<p>Don’t underestimate the power of dinner and a movie, even when married. When all the young couples are going out on their first date on Valentine’s Day, a married couple can be basking in the night of the romance as well.</p>

<p>Date night doesn’t have to mean going out. A couple can stay in and have a dinner by candlelight and maybe even some slow dancing in the living room. Try a new recipe or a old faithful one that’s sure to be enjoyed. Dim the light, buy rose petals for the table or rent a romantic movie.</p>

<p>Use some imagination and remember Valentine’s Day is for married couples too.</p>

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