Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Valentine’s Day – a holiday with a rich history of both Christian and pagan origins – is a day of romance in which loved ones give gifts with the sole purpose of showing how much they love each other. Valentine’s Day is also undeniably a holiday that businesses love – in 2009, the average U.S. consumer spent $102 dollars on Valentine’s Day related items according to an annual U.S. National Retail Federation survey.

Despite the money-making industry that seems to surround the holiday, Valentine’s Day remains a perfect day to express love and caring. With a little thought and a few helpful ideas, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for women has never been easier.

Personalize Traditional Gifts

The traditional gifts of cards, flowers, and candy may seem cliche, but can still be wonderful gifts. The trick to giving traditional gifts is to personalize them and show that thought, love, and energy really did go into picking out that particular gift. Cards are a staple of Valentine’s Day, with over one billion being sent each year. However, a homemade card or a personal poem handwritten in a traditional card help personalize this most traditional of gifts.

When choosing flowers, feel free to go beyond the traditional roses and instead choose her favorite flower. And instead of simply handing over a prepackaged bunch, scatter flowers throughout the house, have them delivered at work, or place in a box with another present hidden underneath. Both flowers and candies can be improved by including a list of things you love about her. Obtain some small pieces of card stock and write one thing – such as her compassion for others, her hair, or her sense of humor – on each piece. Then either hide under each piece of candy or tie to each flower with a ribbon.

Making Jewelry Romantic

Jewelry, while a traditional item, can also be a wonderful gift to show both love and also appreciation for her tastes. The first trick to picking out jewelry is to start at a good store. Mass merchandisers usually have mass-produced and uninspired pieces. Starting at a good store helps to guarantee that the piece is both fairly unique and of good quality.

The second important thing when picking out jewelry is to appreciate her tastes. Go beyond diamonds and find a stone color she particularly likes – such as deep purple, blue, or pink – or figure out what her birthstone is. Unique jewelry is also a good option. Rare stones or coral can be very reasonably priced and allow her to own something unique and special. If she is a fan of big, chunky jewelry, don’t purchase a little teardrop stone on a thin chain. Instead, find a piece that includes two or three heavier chains and eye-catching accents. If she is a fan of fine jewelry, buy a smaller, detailed piece. Matching sets of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are another option.

The final thing to note when giving jewelry is the presentation. While a jeweler’s box is adequate, getting creative will always be appreciated. Find a cute stuffed animal and put the jewelry around it’s neck and then wrap. Or serve with dessert, with the dessert on one plate and the jewelry on another.

Non-Traditional Gifts

Spending time and energy on developing a non-traditional gift is also a fine idea and one that any woman will appreciate. One way to show a serious level of love is to make a nice dinner for her. Things to avoid include anything from the freezer section, prepackaged meals, or something that she doesn’t like. Finding a good recipe and spending the time to make the meal from scratch is what makes this a wonderful gift. If possible, have more than one course and make sure dessert is included.

Homemade “gift certificates” are a wonderful and inexpensive (or free) idea. Cut a few pieces of card stock into pieces about the size of a playing card. Then write an “IOU” on each one – such as making dinner one night, watching the kids so she can have a night away from home, back-rubs, a trip together to a museum or art gallery she has been wanting to see, or a home movie night with movies she wants to watch are all good options.

Other non-traditional gifts can include pampering items for her, including bath oils, a spa visit, or a manicure. Candles in a variety of scents are a good accent or additional to another small gift. If books or movies are given, make sure they are something she really wants and something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself.

Showing Love is the Most Important Part

While Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays, has turned out to very profitable for multiple companies, the real meaning of Valentine’s Day remains unchanged. Valentine’s Day gifts- from the traditional to non-traditional and from expensive to free- offer the perfect opportunity to show love and affection. No matter what the Valentine’s Day gift, showing love is the most important part of the holiday.

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