Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Buying Valentines Day gifts for the man in your life can be problematic. If stuck for inspiration for a male Valentines Day gift this February 14th, here are a few ideas to consider.

Action Valentines Day Gifts for Him: Experience Days

If the man in your left enjoys action based or high energy pass times, then one option is to consider buying an experience day or experience voucher, here are a coupe of options:

  • Race track days – If the man in your life is a petrol head, then few gifts will be appreciated as much as a race track experience day. Race track experience days come in a variety of formats and packages, from a few laps around at track in a supercar to a full on rally day.
  • Flying Lesson – A flying lesson is a chance to give a gift with a real difference. Flying lessons can be taken at a wide number of airfields and airports national and packages usually include a full briefing and debrief with a qualified pilot. In purchasing a package, be sure to check the actual length of flying time included in the experience day.
  • Sporting Event Packages – If your significant other half is a sports fanatic, then experience days offer a wide range of sports related packages. Packages typically include tickets for attendance at a chosen sporting even and may also include extras such as stadium tours, a dinning experience and club entry. Sports packages are available for a wide range of sports from a day at the races to a luxury box at a football match.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men: Jewellery Gifts for Men

Jewellery is often given to woman on Valentines Day however, selection of the right item can mean that jewellery makes just as good a Valentines Day present for men, here are some ideas:

  • Cufflinks – Whilst lacking in imagination, cufflinks are the perfect item of jewellery for a male Valentines Day gift. A well made set of cufflinks is a gift of both great style and practicality and one which can be used every day.
  • Celtic Rings – A form of ring suitable for the male wearer as well as a symbol of love. The Celtic knot work can be seen as highly symbolic of the union of a couple, making the Celtic ring the perfect item of male jewellery for Valentines Day.
  • Sovereign Rings – If subtlety is not the order of the day, one may opt to give a sovereign ring. A sovereign ring may be seen as the most ultra masculine items of jewellery and suitable for those who do not feel comfortable wearing more refined items of jewellery.

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