Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Wives: Use this Gift Guide for Traditional Valentine for Her

Many men find choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for their wives painful. Going with a traditional choice can be a great way to show her you care while making shopping easier.

Start With a Card

A card is the most important part of a Valentine’s Day gift for wives − especially if it is the only gift. Giving a wife nothing at all on Valentine’s Day can lead to hurt feelings and arguments. Even if she says she doesn’t want anything on Valentine’s Day, buy or make a heartfelt greeting card. Always add a personal message to the card to show the card was chosen with care just for her.

Buy Her Flowers

Almost every woman expects to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day when she is dating. Why not continue to give flowers after the wedding? A dozen roses can be very expensive but they are not the only option for husbands who want to impress their wives. A bouquet of her favorite flowers or a single rose in just the right color can be just as impressive when chosen with care and love. If the flowers have to be purchased last minute, wrap some tissue paper and ribbons around the arrangement to show it was not an afterthought. Selecting a beautiful vase can also enhance a simple gift: Choose her favorite color or a color that is included in the living room décor.

Buy Chocolates for Her

Like flowers, chocolates are a traditional gift for wives on Valentine’s Day. Also like flowers, there are many ways to give chocolates without spending a ton of money. It is all in how the gift is personalized. Before buying one of the boxes of chocolates in a red heart, consider what she would purchase herself. Would she prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, nut mixes or caramels? A bar of quality dark chocolate may suit a wife much better than a prepackaged Valentine. Other wives may like the nostalgia associated with red heart boxes of chocolates, so choose one filled with her favorite type of chocolate. Look on the back of the box for that information. Select the gift with her taste in mind.

Write a Poem

Spouses who have been married for a long time may feel like their feelings are known. But this Valentine’s Day, why not make a special effort to let wives know how much they are loved? A poem doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean sonnet to be appreciated. Try a simple acrostic: Take the letters of her name, the word love or a short message and write one sentence that begins with each letter. Or try haiku for something short and sweet. Haiku is a three-lined poem with a set number of syllables in each line. The first and last lines have five syllables and the middle line has seven. Haiku poems can be easier to write because there is no pressure to rhyme. Print the poem on white or colored paper and place it in an inexpensive frame.

No matter what gifts husbands choose for their wives on Valentine’s Day, the most important part is to personalize the gift. Show the gift was selected especially for her by considering her tastes, planning in advance and taking the time to make it special.

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