Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, some people find it difficult to think of a unique and meaningful gift for that special person in their life. In actuality, all it takes is a little imagination to come up with expressive Valentines Day gift ideas for him and her.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas For Him

  • Credit a bar tab for him at a sports bar that he frequents often
  • Gift certificate for an activity such as golf or paintball
  • Tickets to a favorite team’s game or season tickets
  • Fix up the garage or a room in the house for his personal man cave
  • Hire someone to mow the lawn
  • Gift certificate for an hour at a shooting range
  • Hire a hunting guide and arrange a hunting and camping trip for him
  • Buy a romantic card and fill it with lottery scratch tickets
  • Have personal sexy, glamorous photos taken to give to him
  • Gift certificate for a preferred sporting goods store
  • Order a subscription to his favorite magazine
  • Have a key to a Hotel delivered to him in the morning at work, along with red roses and an intimate note with the time to be there

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

  • Pedicure and manicure gift certificates to use throughout the year
  • Day at a spa of her choice
  • Gift certificate to a favorite hair salon
  • Bottle of wine from the year she was born
  • Have a star named after her
  • Jewelry engraved with particular words that only the two of you would understand
  • Personal fitness trainer and membership at a local gym
  • Give her a pillow case monogrammed with the words “I only dream of you”
  • Hire someone to clean the house
  • Gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
  • Gift certificate to a shoe or clothing store
  • Have her car washed and detailed
  • Purchase red roses, wine, chocolate and high-end scented candles for a romantic evening at home or make reservations at a hotel

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

  • Schedule his and her massage appointments
  • Plan a weekend get-away to a favorite place
  • Give each other “I owe you” certificates for things such as back massages, foot rubs and chores
  • Spend the evening at a local casino
  • Make arrangements for a trip to Vegas
  • Purchase something together for the home such as a new TV

At the crucial moment, coming up with exceptional and momentous Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a distinctive person doesn’t have to be so complicated. For with just a bit of thought, finding meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her can be endless.

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