Tips for Selecting a Valentine’s Day Gift: Look Beyond Candy for a Romantic Gift Idea

Most husbands will say that Valentine’s Day is a “fake” holiday created by the greeting card industry just to make them miserable and poor, but in reality, it is a nice opportunity to let a beloved wife know she is appreciated. After many years of marriage, Valentine’s Day is also a nice time to remind that special someone that husbands do indeed have romantic souls.

But please, no candy!

Whether a woman is watching her figure, giving up sweets for Lent, or just looking for something more creative, candy seems way too easy. For many women, that box of candy will sit on the counter like the Geico money – just staring at her, waiting to be eaten.

Choosing a Romantic and Thoughtful Gift

Here are some non-candy gift ideas that will be sure to win any woman over and fit into any budget:

  • A massage or session with her chiropractor. Give the gift of health and relaxation; every woman can use more relaxation in her day.
  • A mani-pedi combo. Again, this is something she can use and will make time for if it has already been paid for.
  • Tickets to a play, art show, or other function that can be attended together. But only if it is something everyone will enjoy (a wife always knows when her husband is playing the martyr).
  • Flowers that can be planted outside (lilies, small rose bushes, and lavender are good staples for any yard, and they are easy to grow).
  • Breakfast in bed – even cereal and toast will be fine if they are served with a smile.
  • That something she’s been hinting that she wants. Every wife wants to know that her husband is listening; whether it is a fancy new kitchen tool, a cashmere sweater, or even just a DVD of her favorite TV show, a wife will appreciate her husband’s thoughtfulness in getting something she has been wanting for some time.
  • Wash and wax her car, fill the tires with air, and vacuum the inside. Most women hate this chore but still appreciate a clean car.
  • Have flowers delivered to her at work or surprise her with her favorite flowers when she doesn’t expect to get them.
  • Bake her favorite brownies and/or make her favorite dinner.
  • Surprise her with a love letter or letter of appreciation.
  • Put the kids to bed early and spend some time alone as a couple. When was the last time that happened?

Combine a couple of these suggestions for a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll remember for years to come. No big hit to the wallet, and no candy!

Wives Do Want Some Kind of Valentine’s Day Gift

Many women will say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day or don’t want anything. Husbands should consider, however, that even if his wife says this and means it (which she probably doesn’t), a little something to show she is loved is always appreciated. This is particularly true if the gift is something she hasn’t asked for – the surprise factor will make the sentiment that much sweeter.

Bring Romance and Surprise Back to Marriage

Romance doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming – there is something every husband and wife can do on Valentine’s Day to keep the excitement of a new relationship alive, even after many years of marriage. Husbands should try to stretch beyond candy this year to show their love for their wives and give and gift they will really love.

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