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Gift a Cuddly Teddy as a Symbol of Love on Teddy Day

With first three days of Valentine Weekbeing celebrated with great fervour and excitement, comes the fourth day, the Teddy Day. The fourth day is yet another day filled with romance, love and cuteness for the couples.

Teddy Day is a day meant for exchanging cuddly and adorable soft Teddy bears between couples. The teddy acts as a symbol of love between the two and it is said to give an effect of the other partner’s presence. Hugging the teddy is tantamount to hugging your partner and can relieve the ache felt whenever you crave for your partner’s company.

The bigger and softer the teddy, more is the impact felt by the individual yearning for the presence of his or her companion. The teddy becomes a happy reminder of the good times spent together and strengthens the faith in the relationship or perks up the relationship if it has turned monotonous.

Shops stock a number of soft teddy bear toys of differing sizes and colours to suit the preferences of every individual, especially girls.The sight of a cute teddy never fails to impress all girls who do not mind an addition in spite of having their closets full of them. The 10th February, Teddy Day is just wonderful!

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