Secret Codes and Symbols of Love for Valentine’s Day

Secrets are romantic. Having your own secret code or symbol for love can be romantic and fun. One of the nice things about secrets is that they are just as special as a gift and cost nothing but your trust and loyalty.

My father always signed cards to my mother with a tiny symbol that looked like the word “tax.” He told me that it was actually a code for “I love you.” It was three Greek letters that he said meant, “I love you.” The Greek letters were “ΓΔΧ” (GAMMA DELTA CHI).

Secret Symbols of Love Require Some Careful Thought

Hearts, flowers, doves and rings are common symbols of love. But if you want to come up with something unusual, here are some ideas for your own “secret code.”

Ancient Symbols and Tokens of Love

Some ancient symbols of love, such as hearts for love and crowns for loyalty are still popular today. You can research more unusual ancient symbols of love, such as knots for secret love, and seashells, representing the ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of love (Aphrodite and Venus).

Apples symbolized love both in the ancient Greek and Chinese cultures. In ancient Greece, giving your beloved an apple was a token of your love. It is interesting that the apple was so tempting in the Bible tradtion as well.

Celtic Love Symbols

Celtic love symbols include familiar themes, such as intertwined hearts, rings, crowns and the rose. A more unusual one is the Welsh lovespoon, which was an early token of engagement. Acceptance of the spoon confirmed at least a serious relationship and the intricate handles carried specific messages, such as fidelity and the desire for children.

Examples of Native American Symbolism for Love

It would be a lifelong task to document the myriad symbols used by Native Americans. However, there is a website called Indian Summer that features some simple icons, such as the cactus flower, a symbol for courtship.

Clouds and Rain are Romantic in the East and the West

Rain and clouds are said to have meanings associated with love for some Native Americans. the Indian Summer website has easy-to-draw symbols for clouds.

The novel by Lisa See, Peony in Love, London, Random House, © 2007, explains that in 17th century China “clouds and rain” represented making love. If you are very artistic, there are exquisite Chinese characters that you can learn to draw that mean “love,” “heart” and “I Love You.”

Mathematical and Iconic Symbols

For those who share a love for mathematics, there is a must read blog about the mathematical expression of love. It is far too difficult to understand for those not skilled in math, but if you and the one you love can understand it, go for it! For those who prefer icons to equations, there are websites for creating your own “emoticons.”

Love in Another Language

There are numerous websites explaining how to say I love you in modern, ancient and esoteric languages. You might be able to find one secret and suitable for you as a couple.

Using Sign Language to Communicate Love

Some say that sign language is among the fastest growing languages in the world. So you may find that sign language is not as secret as you imagine.

However, if you prefer to signal your love, you can learn the single hand gesture that combines an “I,” an “L” and a “Y,” meaning, “I love you,” in sign language. There are websites with photos and pictures that can also teach you each step in making an “I,” an “L” and a “Y.”

Secret Signs of Love: Have Fun and Romance Creating Your Own

There are probably thousands of codes for love, and nothing can stop you from creating your own private signal, secret symbol, or code. Over a long period of time, love becomes bound with private shared memories. New love needs to be nurtured with secrets too.

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