Romantic Valentine Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

When February 14th rolls around, you want to be the guy your woman’s friends coo about – right? Even if you’re not especially romantic, these easy ideas for romantic gifts will make you look good and win you lots of “Romance Points.”

Easiest Gift for Valentine’s Day

Pick up a frame and add a favorite picture of the two of you. Add a little love note to the back of the frame that reads “We Make a Perfect Pair” or “The Very Picture of Love” and you’re all set. You can add a couple of heart or rose stickers to the glass or mat in the corner to make it even sweeter, but it means a lot to a woman just to see that her man thinks they belong together. If you have a lot of photos from a trip or from over the years, you can make a photo book (online or at the store) that is professionally bound and looks fabulous. It’s easy to do and really romantic.

Most Inexpensive Romantic Gift

Leave love notes around the house or text her throughout the day about memories of your life together. Say things like “I love you” along with “You have beautiful eyes” and “You are the kindest person I know”…be specific and truthful. You can give her a poem that you’ve written (or copied from one of the greats) onto parchment and roll and tie it with a ribbon and leave it on her car seat.

Goofiest Romantic Gift

Find a romance novel with an intertwined couple and cover the faces with your own pictures…this might be tricky if the models are turned and you don’t have a decent head shot of your self or your woman. So, it may be the goofiest-looking thing ever. However, once you write in the inside cover how hot she is or how she’s always going to be your romantic lead, you will be the hero of her life.

Homemade and Romantic

A classic – the mix tape, well OK, the mix CD – might take a little time but is unique. Fill a CD with songs from the year you met, the year you got married or just songs that remind you of her. Maybe she likes the Beatles, but you don’t…throw in “When I’m 64” and win her heart. If she hates country music and you love it, include a country song that makes you think of her. “Like the Rain” by Clint Black is super romantic and will make her smile, despite the genre. A CD of theme music to movies you’ve seen together will be a romantic gesture that she won’t forget.

Other Romantic Ideas

A movie she likes, a manicure certificate, or tickets to the theatre (with a note that you have the kids that night and she should take a friend) can be fairly inexpensive but meaningful. A day of sleeping in followed by you and the kids spending the day out can be accompanied by bath salts and a relaxing CD.

It truly is the thought that counts for women. If she loves her car, a car wash and fill-up is romantic. If she likes books, a book certificate and a bookmark with her favorite cartoon character is a fine gift. If she loves to garden, you can find seed packets in February and tools or gloves to go with it. If you add her favorite flower to the seeds, or your favorite, you’ll get extra “Romance Points.”

Not Quite as Romantic

Don’t give her lingerie. It isn’t romantic for her, it’s romantic for you. Don’t cook dinner and expect her to clean up…or ask her for help in making chicken parmesan. Don’t overspend on fancy jewelry if she doesn’t wear it. Don’t buy her perfume or clothes if you don’t know what she likes. A gift certificate to a specific place she likes is a better choice, especially if you include a heartfelt note.

The Gift That Costs Nothing

Never underestimate the romantic gesture. If you’re going out to eat, open her car door and seat her. Open the restaurant door for her and maybe present her with a single rose at the table. Cook for her at home and put out the candles. Toast to her beauty or kindness. Have your song playing when she gets home and dance her around the living room. Watch your wedding video together. A simple card where you write 10 reasons why you love her will always be cherished. A small amount of thought and a little time will make for the most romantic gifts. And you will be the hero the day after Valentine’s Day when her co-worker says, “What did you get for Valentine’s Day?”

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