Ready for February 14th?: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Showing your love for your significant other should not be measured in one day. However, Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for couples in love to share with each other. Unfortunately, trying to decide what to get your Valentine can be a bit tricky.

Homemade Gifts Ideas

Many people would much rather receive a gift that came from the heart instead of the wallet. Creating a gift for your love allows you to create a one of a kind gift that he or she will remember for years to come. Poems are a wonderful way to express to your Valentine just how you feel about her. Present the handwritten poem to your love on decorative paper. Attaching a single red rose to the poem adds to the romantic day.

For a more sentimental homemade gift, collect photos of you with your love, items that represent your relationship and create a scrapbook. Crafts and department stores sell love inspired paper and embellishments for all your scrapbooking needs.

Cheap and Quick Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you are one of the many people out there that forgot about Valentine’s Day or does not have the extra cash in your budget for gifts do not fret. There are a variety of cheap and quick Valentine’s Day gifts that you can create in a matter of minutes. Give your partner a handwritten coupon for various services she can redeem from you when desired. Some ideas for the coupons are three home cooked meals, massage good for 2 hours or one day of activities your love wants to do without you complaining.

For a free yet romantic gift for your love, visit and create a playlist of songs that reflect your feelings for your Valentine. Mixtape offers a variety of ways you can share your playlist with that special someone.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeks

For those in love with a geek who spends his money on the latest gadgets and his time on World of Warcraft, trying to find the perfect gift to live up to his geekiness can be a bit difficult but not impossible. If money is no issue, why not plan a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway at their favorite geek location. For trekkies, visit the Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk, and TrekFest located in Riverside, Iowa. If your love adores dinosaurs, visit Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, New York. Paranormal geeks will have a blast at the Roswell Museum in New Mexico that features items from the infamous Roswell crash site as well as other UFO and alien related information.

For the budget conscious consumers, a stack of their favorite manga or comic books tied neatly with a red bow makes a wonderful gift for your geek. Baskets filled with favorite geek items — books, movies and action figures — works for a one of a kind gift. Baking goodies with a geek theme gives your geeky Valentine a delicious treat that fits his personality. Varieties of geek-related baking items — cookie cutters and cake pans — are available at craft stores and online merchants. Alternatively, visit your local bakery and inquire about a custom Valentine’s Day cake for your geek.

Remember, when choosing the Valentine’s Day gift take the recipients’ likes, interest and hobbies into account.

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