Quick and Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: How to Make Simple and Fun Cards for February 14th With Kids

The following activities can be done with the very young to high school kids. For smaller children, most of the cut out work needs to be done by a parent or older sibling. Preschoolers and kindergarteners can be assisted with gluing. If there are kids of varying age ranges at home, it’s nice to have the older kids help the younger kids as well, in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

As well, these card ideas can be used for other events during the years such as anniversaries, birthdays and “I Miss You” cards.

Make a Tissue Paper Heart Card

Cut out hearts in tissue paper of different colors. Then have a child layer them together on a piece of white paper folded in half. This is a simple technique that looks quite nice and can be done easily with young children as well.

Stamp Hearts and Flowers on to Valentine Card

Get stamps that feature Valentine Day themed images like hearts, flowers and words like “love” and “sweetheart.” Get red and pink ink and let kids have fun with filling the front of a card. A regular sheet of white 8 by 11 inch paper works well for this card. Another idea is to make potato stamps by cutting a spud in half and then cutting out images like a heart or the word “love” to be used as stamps. Look for washable and not permanent ink when working with young ones and have wet cloths ready to clean up after.

Candy Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Buy heart-shaped candies ranging from the small red hots to the candy hearts with messages like “You are Sweet” and “I Love You” on them. As the candy can be heavy, get a thicker stock paper or use a thick construction paper to make this card with. Let the kids have fun gluing the different candies to the front of the card, and buy enough to make up for how many will get eaten during this art process.

Easy Way to Personalize a Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Get construction paper and fold it in half. Then cut out a red heart and put it in the centre of the card. Then find a recent picture of the child and glue it in the heart. Pictures can also be of the whole family, other loved ones and pets even.

Magazine Cut Out Valentine’s Day Card

Clip out photos from magazines that remind one of love, from a cute picture of a baby to roses or a wedding dress. Kids can help with the process of picking out the wanted pictures, and then cut them out. Put them in a pile and let the kids pick and choose images to make the cover of their Valentine’s Day cards.

There are many great Valentine’s Day cards that kids can make. Try making a card using tissue paper hearts, stamping love-themed images, using candy to decorate a card or personalize a card with a photo.

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