Propose Day Valentine Week

Propose Creatively on Valentine Week’s Proposal Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, all young and old gear up to enjoy the full week of celebrations. Each day of the week has special significance beginning with the Rose Day which falls on 7th February. Following the Rose Day isthe Propose Day.

Shops too are not to be left behind in their celebration preparations; they stock themselves with a wide variety of items like assorted chocolates, huge teddies, special promises and best of all fresh blooms of roses of varied colours. The propose day is a day of great importance to individuals who want to be a couple.

It is a deciding day for them and can make the rest of the Valentine week truly a romantic one or a desolate one depending upon the decision of the person you like. It is a day to try your luck or to see how deep your feelings are viewed by your partner.

You can propose in a number of ways; gifting a cuddly teddy with a hand written e-card or giving a huge surprise through an attractive jewellery item. A diamond solitaire is meant only for the lucky few but if there is true love between the couple then any gift presented on this day holds great value.

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