Homemade Edible Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the most expensive jewelry or box of chocolates, but has become increasingly competitive. A homemade gift is far more thoughtful and individual – and edible gifts mean that you can share them too! Here are some ideas. Valentine’s Day Lemon and Chocolate Cookie Hearts You will need: • A large […]

History of the Traditions of Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is well known as a day for lovers to enjoy each other’s company and to send each other lavish gifts and cards. The 14th of February has also become a big date in retailer’s calendars as supermarkets fill with soft toys, cards, roses and chocolates. But where did this tradition come from […]

Funny Gift Ideas for Men on Valentines Day

Give a partner a reason to laugh during Valentine’s day with funny gifts. Gift giving needn’t be soppy by selecting joke gifts that are memorable and amusing. Whether the relationship is in the early stages or you’ve been married for years try relaxing together with a funny Valentine. Joke or Novelty Gift Ideas For Valentines […]

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