More Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts: 10 Heart-felt Valentine Gifts You Can Make at Home

But with our busy lives who has time and energy to sit down and make any. Take heart and try out one or two of the following ideas. They take almost no time to make and they’re really kid-friendly, too. As well you will be able to recycle items from around the house and save money. Your Valentine will be impressed and delighted with your thoughtfulness!

1. Rose in a Jar

Who could resist a single perfect rose captured in a vintage or antique glass jar? Cut off the most of the stem of a rose, leaving only about 1 inch (2.5cm). Half fill the jar with water, pop in the rose and replace the lid.

2. Spice-covered Heart

For your favourite cook, create a spice-covered heart to decorate a kitchen wall or cupdoor door. Cover the top and sides of a Styrofoam heart (available at craft shops) with white glue and sprinkle whole peppercorns or other spices to the top and sides of the heart. When dry, add a ribbon and a single rose and you’re done.

3. Desktop Lawn

Make a desktop Valentine lawn – sort of a Chia heart, if you will – that will grow on your loved one. Cut a clean sponge into a heart shape, dampen, and sprinkle grass seeds onto the sponge. Place into a heart-shaped container (the top or bottom of an old tin candy box is perfect). Spritz with more water, cover with plastic and place in a sunny window. It will take about 5 days for the grass to appear. If your sweetie is a cat lover, use catnip seeds instead of grass and both your Valentine and pet will thank you.

4. Red Hot LoveWhy not give your honey a jarful of red hots that she or he can dip into whenever they like. Use a vintage canning jar to show them how much you want to ‘preserve’ their love.

5. Candy Box Frame

Make a lovely photo frame from an empty cardboard candy box. Simply cut a favourite picture of your sweetie to fit inside the lid or bottom of the tin and insert.

6. Plastic Bag Heart

Recycle some red plastic shopping bags and create a pretty feathery heart wreath. If you don’t have enough red bags add some white ones to complete your wreath. If you don’t have any red plastic bags, use an inexpensive red plastic tablecloth from the dollar stores. This is a great project for you and the kids.

7. Paper Doily Garland

Create a heart garland using small red paper doilies. Simply thread red thread through the holes in the doilies until you have a nice long garland. Use it to decorate a doorway, fireplace mantel, or window.

8. Matchbox Candy Treats

Cover matchboxes with pretty seasonal paper and fill with favourite candies. Hide these around the house where your Valentine will find them.

9. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Get the kids to create homemade cards using stuff from around the house. Gather together paper, glue, childproof scissors, spare buttons, bits of ribbon, paper rose buds, candy, glitter, and rub-on letters and get to work.

10 Valentine Place Settings

For a romantic dinner, create fragrant, personalized place settings – wrap white or pink napkins with ribbons and tuck in small roses and a sprig or two of your Valentine’s favourite herbs. You can buy fresh flowers and herbs at most grocery stores.

These ideas should inspire you to find what you can recycle into more great Valentine’s Day gifts.

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