Idea for Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal – Message in a Bottle

The idea for Valentine’s Day proposal is to drop a bottle with your message in her bubble bath. Proposing marriage in the bathroom is definitely an unconventional idea, but can be extremely romantic. On Valentine’s Day fill up the bathtub with fluffy foam and fragrant bubbles. Aromatherapy can be particularly relaxing if the specific aromas are pleasing to the senses of the given person. Therefore, pick out bubble bath fizzies scented to her liking. There is an unimaginable variety of bubble bath fizzies out there – from lavender to ice cream flavors scents.

Valentine’s Romantic Proposal

In true Valentine fashion sprinkle rose petals on the way to the bathroom, and on the bathtub edge. Light up a few scented candles that are different in size, color, and smell. Chill a bottle of champagne, and set it up near the bathtub. Add a bowl of fresh berries, or chocolate truffles. Prep a champagne flute, and arrange everything festively near the tub.

Write your marriage proposal on a small Valentine card or a beautifully decorated piece of paper. Having time to think it through and put it in writing guarantees you will not find yourself stuck and nervous mid-sentence while proposing. Find a small charming bottle (like the ones they sell as souvenirs in touristy places) and roll the paper to fit in the bottle. If you so choose you can even put the engagement ring in the bottle along with the proposal note. Make sure the bottle is closed air tight, and put a red ribbon around its neck.

Marriage Proposal Love Letter

After you have secretly set all this up, drop the bottle with your love message in the foamy water of the bathtub. Invite the queen of your heart to dip into a luxury and relaxing day of SPA at home. Then patiently wait for her ecstatic screams when she finds the bottle, and your marvelous note asking her to marry you. An engagement proposal through a message in a bottle on Valentine’s Day is surely unique, and very suitable for the extraordinary man who shines in silence.

Celebrate Your Engagement

Now that you have delighted her with fragrance, and exhilarated her soul with a romantic on Valentine’s proposal, it is time to put the engagement ring on her finger if she has not already done that herself. The engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other, your desire to spend the rest of your lives together, and of your love – everlasting as the sun, vast as the ocean, and big as the sky.

You can be sure that with an idea for Valentine’s Day proposal as romantic as this she will be showing off to her girl friends, family, and colleagues for months to come. How often do you find a real message in a bottle, and the message in that bottle to be actually addressed to you? A rare and special proposal for the amazing queen of your heart can be no less extraordinary.

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