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Express Your Feelings thru Touch on Valentine Week’s Hug Day

The 12th February, Hug day marks the fifth day of celebrations of the Valentine week. This is the day when people express the depth of their relationship with a comfortable, warm hug. A hug helps relieve worries, tensions in one’s life and sends a feeling of warmth and affection for the individual.

Valentine Week’s Hug day is celebrated all over the globe and more so when it has been scientifically proved that a huge hug is highly beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Hugging can be done in a number of ways; a bear hug to a side hug to a speed hug and much more.

The poignancy of the touch is what a hug is defined by. It could be the warmth of a mother, superficial as in a formal relationship or as deep as in couples in love. It depicts the closeness between the two individuals; what they feel for each other. Another day that is marked as the National Hugging Day occurs on 21st January.

Along with the hug, individuals also send special messages which relate to this day. Several sites are scanned for obtaining the most creative Hug day messages while others pen down their heartfelt emotions in the form of lengthy messages. The inclusion of messages certainly goes to add several quotients to the romance of the day.

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