How to Write Love Poems for Valentine’s Day: Tips on How to Write Romantic Valentine Poems for Your Lover

One way to stay original on Valentine’s Day is to use poetry. Many people like to write something for the big day, whether they’re naughty, romantic or funny Valentine’s poems. So, if you’re stuck this year on how to write love poems for your special someone, here are a few tips.

Think of a Theme

Sometimes thinking of the big picture can be a little overwhelming – where exactly do you start when trying to put into words how much someone means to you?

When you begin to sketch out your romantic Valentine poem, try to hone in on a small detail about your relationship and then let the poem grow naturally. For example, you might try starting with how you feel when you wake up each morning:

When the day begins / Sun glitter piercing the curtains / Lazily my arm slithers / Snaking about you / Sensing somnolent breaths

The aim here was to echo a warm sunny morning. The words represent contentedness but at the same time allude to intimacy. There’s a running theme of the sound of ‘S’. It’s a deliberate alliteration that helps to add to the poetic feel of experiencing dawn with your partner.

Try to identify something that you enjoy about your lover – perhaps the way they use language or a quirk in their personality or even a particular item of clothing they like to wear. Describe it to yourself. Pick out some strong feelings that it stirs in you and then try to write down a few words that match those feelings.

Think of the Words

Once you begin to put together your first lines, think carefully about the actual words you are using. While your lines don’t need to rhyme to be poetic, look for ‘chimes’ within the words – similar sounds and words that relate to each other.

Take a look at these few lines:

And when the day ends / Crimson fingers of sunlight recede / We rejoin and our embrace – / A reaffirmation / A return to noiselessness

These lines do not rhyme, but look at the repeated use of ‘re’: Recede. Rejoin. Reaffirmation. Return. Simple things like this help the flow of a poem.

Think of Rhymes

Perhaps you prefer to use rhymes in your poetry and if you’re writing for Valentine’s Day it’s always fun to include a little humour in your writing too. Using your private jokes adds a wonderfully personal touch.

Take a look at these lines from a poem about the trials of what to actually do on Valentine’s Day:

Do you go soppy and get all romantic? / Or rip off your clothes for sex that is frantic? / Stay in and watch that romcom for fun? / Or go to a club dressed as priest and a nun? / Enjoy some wine in sweet candlelight? / Or play doctors and nurses, just for one night?

Simply pick your subject and allow yourself to be tied in knots looking for suitable rhymes. Be creative, be surreal and don’t be afraid to be a little rude!

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