How to Write a Love Journal for Valentine’s Day: Romantic Homemade Gift for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife

This gift can be started any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day is a great day to start so that it can be given exactly a year from Valentine’s Day. This present doesn’t have to be done on February 14th though, it is a project that can be done for other holidays including Christmas and birthdays.

It also makes a great gift to give a fiancé or fiancée, especially if the future partner starts writing it a year from when the wedding date is set. It’s also just a thoughtful token of love that will be appreciated by a loved one whenever he or she receives it.

Writing a Love Journal for a Year

This Valentine’s present requires a long-term commitment of a year, but the time is well worth it. It will definitely impress a loved one. Putting in the year of writing about the memorable and amazing times that were had together over the year is a great way to show a person’s passion and commitment. A husband or wife does not need to write in it every day, but at least a few times each month is a good idea.

What to Put in a Love Diary

If there was a romantic night out or even just simply snuggling together watching a favorite movie, write about it. The journal should be full of a range of events, just as a couple’s life is. Write about “steamy” encounters, how this person was missed on a business trip to how the life partner has helped during troubled times.

The journal entries don’t necessarily have to do with the day’s events either. Write about the things that are admired and loved in this person. Make a list of how and why this person is loved. Talk about how handsome/beautiful he or she looks just tucking the kids into bed or folding the laundry.

If there are kids in the family, have them write a note or draw a picture and add it to the book.

Clip out Interesting Articles to Go With Messages of Love

If there is an article in the newspaper (if it’s online, get a printout) that relates to love, cut it out and write about it. For example, if there is a story about a couple sharing their secrets for staying married for 50 years, tape it in the journal. Then a husband or wife can write about how wonderful it would be to be sharing their own secrets for a happy marriage 50 years from now with the world.

Get Artistic With the Love Journal

Cut out romantic pictures from magazines, print out heart-inspired pictures from the Internet and put in Valentine’s Day-themed stickers. Another idea is to get different Valentine’s Day cards and write in one for each month of the year to stick into the journal. Doodle and draw in the book with colored pencil crayons, paints or felts as well.

Scrapbook Aspect of Creating a Romantic Diary

Went to a wonderful opera or had a great time at a hockey game? Glue the tickets into the journal and write about the night. Went on a cruise together or stayed at wonderful hotel on vacation, add photos, postcards and even a matchbook cover – any memorabilia that will remind both people about the romantic and fun times they had together.

Put in a Final Romantic Note at the End of the Love Book

End the love journal with a final note that reflects a person’s experience of the relationship and of writing about the spouse/partner for a year. For example, “I love you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and just wanted to share some of the moments we have enjoyed together in just one wonderful year. I look forward to every minute of a lifetime that we will spend together. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love—.”

Make Valentine’s Journal a Surprise for Spouse or Partner

Make sure to keep the journal hidden if at all possible. It will make for a great surprise for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to see that for a whole year he or she has been written and thought about with love.

Writing a love journal for a year is a great Valentine’s Day present or show off affection for any time of the year. Write about big events and everyday moments, clip out articles and get artistic with the project. Remember to write a final sum up message at the end of the journal and to keep it hidden until the big day of handing it over.

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