How to Make Valentine’s Day Everyday: Make Everyday a Day of Love for the Spouse

As the poets and song composers say, love is a many splendid thing. Every year millions of dollars are spent in America to lure shoppers into stores and shops to buy Valentine Day cards, gifts and candy. Movies are made and television shows are performed to get everyone in the mood to celebrate a day of love. Expectations are raised and many times fall flat.

Why not take a little time each day and let the husband or wife know that he or she matters? Women don’t have to wait until that special day – Valentine’s Day – to show their husband how special he is. A woman can do a few little things each day to show her affection and love for her husband.

Say “I Love You” With Abandon

These three words that can lift a person up, or drag a person down if not said. A woman can tell her that she loves him everyday. These words don’t cost anything but can mean the world to the person who hears them from a loved one. Tell him in the morning, during the day and at bedtime. The main point is to mean what is said. “I love you” is thrown around without meaning way too much in today’s society. If these words are said, they should be said with meaning.

Random Acts of Kindness for the Husband

Get the husband a glass of tea or cup of coffee without him asking for it. Open doors for him, this sounds old fashion but it is a sweet gesture. If he needs a little help around the house, do it before he asks. That will score big points in the love game. Bring home flowers just because or drop a cute card in the mail as a surprise. If there’s anything that will make him happy, do it.

Nothing Beats the Power of Touch

A brush of the hands while passing in the hall can send a message of love. Share stolen kisses and hold hands. By just putting her hand on her husband’s arm when she is talking to him or placing her hand lightly on his knee when they’re sitting together, a woman will be more connected with her man. Touch is a powerful sense that connects two people in love like nothing else.

Be Polite

Yes, really, be polite. Politeness isn’t just for strangers. Speak to the spouse with respect. Say “please” and “thank you”. Get into the habit of the gentle art of being polite. This shows that a partner cares for the other person and respect him. Love grows out of respect and care.

Women can show their husbands how much their husbands mean to them by showing their men love everyday in little ways. Then everyday will be Valentine’s Day.

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