How to Make Love Coupons For Valentine’s Day: Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift idea that will have your spouse or loved ones thinking of you long after Valentine’s Day? Showing someone that you care with a tangible gift is nice. However, having love coupons available for your loved one, can help them to cash in on your love on days when they may be feeling down, or simply need to be around a positive person.

Love Coupons for Valentines Day

Before making love coupons for Valentine’s day, pull out a pen and sheet of paper. Write down the names of everyone that you would like to bless with coupons. Think about each person and the type of relationship that you have.

You may have older relatives that would love to cash in their love coupon for Valentine’s Day and get out of their homes or retirement community. This could be a no questions asked ride to your home for a family meal, a movie, or out dancing.

Your children love coupons will be different for each child. Think of each child’s dreams, problems, and unique personality. Their love coupon could be for their favorite meal, activity with your undivided attention, or to have a sleep over with their closest friend.

When gathering love coupon ideas for your spouse, think about their daily tasks. Are they tired most evenings? Perhaps your love coupons could be for a weekend get away, preparing their favorite meal, doing one household task that they dislike, siting through an entire opera, going on an adventurous day-long excursion, or simply going out for an evening of dinner and dancing.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Create your love coupons on thick paper. You can purchase different types of textured, colored, and patterned paper at your local craft store in the scrap book section. You can use grommets, appliques, and overlap designs from other complementary pieces of paper to create a beautiful coupon.

You can add an expiration date on your coupon. If you would like to make this an open-ended coupon or reusable, state that on the coupon. Perhaps your coupon can be redeemed once a month indefinitely.

Use love coupons for Valentine’s Day to express your love for your spouse, children, friends, and family members. Show them thought your actions how much you care about them. When in doubt about what your loved one wants, spend a few days listening to their needs, hopes and dreams. Listening takes practice if you are used to simply waiting until they stop talking to talk. It is imperative to listen .

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