Horror Movies for Valentine’s Day

Bring on the gory, scary Valentine’s Day horror movies!

Valentine Horror Flicks From the Past Decade

  • Broken Hearts (2010) – It’s Valentine’s Day on a subdued Toronto college campus. One student with a twisted mind is hell-bent on killing his competition so he can win the girl of his dreams. (Rated R in Canada except Ontario where it is 18A)
  • Home Movie (2008) – This 77-minute long movie documents the story of one family’s descent into madness. Using home-made footage discovered after-the-fact, we see how the Poe family – a married couple with ten-year-old twins – survives the nightmare they are thrown into in order to survive. (Rated R)
  • My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) – Tom goes back to his hometown ten years after a Valentine’s Day massacre that took the lives of 22 people. He finds himself suspected as the murderer with only his past love believing his innocence. (Rated R)
  • Tales From the Grave, Volume 2: Happy Holidays (2005) – In this sequel to Tales From the Grave, Crone takes us on a year-long holiday journey. The first stop is on Valentine’s Day where everything becomes a blood bath. The adventure continues all the way through Christmas. (Not Rated)
  • Valentine (2001) – This horror flick stars beauties including Denise Richards and Katherine Heigl. On Valentine’s Day in 1988, the school geek and the class chubby girl get caught making out under the bleachers by the school bullies. The chubby girl, in an attempt to absolve herself, claims that the geek attacked her. The bullies strip the geek naked and brutalize him as the entire school watches. We then skip ahead to 2001 where five female friends from that class – including the formerly chubby girl – receive gruesome Valentine’s Day cards. One of the five women is murdered by a killer in a cherub mask. What is in store for the four remaining ladies? (Rated R)

V-Day Horror Flicks From the 80s

  • Hospital Massacre (1982) – Susan Jeremy goes to the hospital for a check-up where she finds herself trapped. A man dressed on doctor garb keeps Susan in the hospital while killing doctors and nurses that dealt with her. But who is the murderer? Is it the same person who killed her best friend on Valentine’s Day 19 years ago? (Rated R)
  • My Bloody Valentine (1981) – Valentine Bluffs, Nova Scotia, is a coal mining town planning a massive Valentine’s Day party. It’s the first party in two decades as there was an accident in the mine when the last party went on; the accident happened when the men in charge of mine security were at the party and not in the mine. The sole survivor of the accident killed the men responsible and directed the town to never have another Valentines Day party. The party begins and people start turning up dead. (Rated R)

Enjoy a great horror flick during this season of love!!

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