Homemade Valentine Cards to Give Teens: Cool, Trendy and Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” to Teenagers

A little creativity goes a long way with teens. Teenagers love novelty and these homemade cards say, “I love you” with extra special flair. From cell phone shaped candy cards to cupid themed coupons that resemble checks, this round up of homemade valentines is full of teen trends. Gathered from the web and beyond, all of these cards to give teens go beyond the ordinary and require only a few supplies. Choose any or all of these cool ways to say, “I love you” to a special teen.

Cell Phone Homemade Valentine for Teens

Write a clever text message in the screen part of a homemade cell phone Valentine card. Family Fun Magazine’s website gives instructions to make a trendy Valentine card that looks like a teenager’s most prized possession, a cell phone. A sheet of candy dots represents cell phone buttons and gives a cool 3-D touch that says, “I love you” to a special teen or tween. Search for “Sweet Text Message” at FamilyFun.com to learn how to send a Valentine text via a homemade cell phone card.

Printable Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers for Teens

Give a homemade Valentine card with a sweet taste. Create a personalized candy bar wrapper to hand your teen on Valentine’s Day. Those who are paid members at greeting card sites such as BlueMountain.com and AmericanGreeting.com can personalize and print candy wrappers as part of their membership, but there are also a few sites that offer printable candy wrappers for free.

A free editable candy bar wrapper template is offered at the website for the magazine, Everyday with Rachel Ray. Go to RachelRayMag.com and search for “customize candy bars” for free printable candy bar wrappers. Print your teen’s name and birthday on a candy bar wrapper that reads “You’re Sweet!”

The “Gifts That Say Wow” blog provides a free printable candy bar wrapper with the words “Special Daughter” printed in pink along with heart balloon graphics on the front. The back of the wrapper is extra special too and lists the nutritional information for one serving of a “sweet daughter”.

Homemade Candy Gram Poster Valentine for Teens

Teens will love a candy gram poster made especially for them. Create a poster sized Valentine card for teens and express love through the words and wrappers of popular names of candy. What a whopper of a way to say you care! This literally sweet oversized handmade card will speak volumes of “I love you” to a teen.

To make a candy gram poster valentine, write a message that includes words from candy wrappers such as “You’re my favorite sweetart”, “I wouldn’t trade you for $100,000” and “You bring me mounds of joy”. An on-line search for “Valentine Candy Gram” will provide links to candy wrapper message ideas. Purchase the appropriate candy and write the message on a poster board, but tape or glue the candy in place of the candy wrapper words.

Beatles Fan “Eight Days a Week” Valentine for Teens

A simple song lyrics illustration is a fun way to say “I love you” to a Beatles fan on Valentine’s Day. An old monthly calendar can be recycled into a simple but cool Beatles themed Valentine for teens or tweens. If an old calendar isn’t available, print a calendar using free software found on the Internet. Draw large hearts on eight continuous days of the month. Write the words, “Eight Days a Week, I Love You” in red on a sticky note and adhere the sticky note to the calendar.

Printable Checks Homemade Valentine for Teens

What teen doesn’t like to receive a “check” in an envelope? Instead of money, a Valentine check offers a special favor or promise written down. Write a check for an ice cream date, an hour of video time with you or whatever event would be special to your teen valentine. This extra special way to say, “I love you” gives the promise of time. The Family Fun website supplies free printable Valentine checks. Simply search for “Valentine coupons” at FamilyFun.com. Choose from three different check styles and print Valentine themed checks to write to your favorite teen.

Teens will feel extra special receiving a homemade card on Valentine’s Day. A teen trendy Valentine card says, “I love you” in a fun and creative way.

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