Homemade Paper Filigree Valentine: Make A Beautiful Card for a Special Valentine

Making your own homemade valentines tells the person you send them to they were worth the time you took for their sake. A homemade valentine can be as creative as you like and a paper filigree valentine looks beautiful. Everyone will want to know how you made it and they will want one too.

To make a homemade filigree heart valentine you will need the following materials:

  • Two sheets of different color construction paper
  • Heart Cookie Cutter and pencil (optional)
  • Scissors (manicure scissors work well)
  • Spray adhesive or a glue stick
  • Felt Tip Marker
  • Glitter, ribbon, hole punch (all optional)


  1. Cut one heart from each color of construction paper. Use a cookie cutter as pattern or just fold the paper in half and make a half heart with pencil and cut it out. Each side of the heart should be the same.
  2. Set one of the hearts aside (heart #1).
  3. Fold the other heart (heart #2) in half long wise if it is not already folded.
  4. Fold the top hump down about half way.
  5. Now use scissors the same manner in which to make a paper snowflake. Cut diamonds, curls, spirals and other geometrical designs starting at the fold. Be sure not to cut the outside edge of the heart because the fold will not be equal.
  6. Next fold the tip up about one fourth of the way up and do the same in this fold.
  7. Carefully unfold both folds. Then carefully unfold the center fold and flatten out anything that might be sticking up.
  8. Take heart #1 and spray it with spray adhesive or go all around the edge with a glue stick then cross hatch with the glue stick all through the heart. If desired sprinkle the heart with some glitter at this point.
  9. Place heart #2 on top of heart #1 matching edges and press down.
  10. Be sure to flatten everything down and make sure it all sticks.
  11. If the edges need to be trimmed that can be done now.
  12. Write a Valentine sentiment on the back of heart #1 and the valentine is complete.

A hole can be punched in the top middle and a ribbon run through and tied in a loop so it can be hung on a window.

Kids love making paper snowflakes and this might be a different challenge for them but they will love making these filigree hearts as well. The wonderful thing about these hearts is that not two are alike. Change the colors. Make the background heart pink and the foreground heart red or switch it the other way. Use black for the background and red for the foreground or use white. Make them a little sturdier by using card stock. Any way they are made they will be appreciated by the recipient.

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