Funny Gift Ideas for Men on Valentines Day

Give a partner a reason to laugh during Valentine’s day with funny gifts. Gift giving needn’t be soppy by selecting joke gifts that are memorable and amusing. Whether the relationship is in the early stages or you’ve been married for years try relaxing together with a funny Valentine.

Joke or Novelty Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Many inexpensive gifts are popular because of the fun they provide rather than their potential usefulness. Try mailing a funny Valentine’s Day card and a box with springy snakes inside. Other ideas for wacky gifts include:

  • “I’m Nuts About You” Gift – If you enjoy making joke gifts then try putting a collection of nuts and bolts in a box!
  • Grumpy Val Pals – A perfect gift for those who dislike celebrating on Valentine’s Day are Grumpy Val Pals available at These toys make funny, sarcastic remarks such as “Love stinks” and “Love is like a rose, it may look beautiful but it has thorns!”
  • Heart shaped Mouse – Those who spend a lot of time on a computer will find this novelty gift very useful.
  • Desktop Punch Ball – Men will find these a useful yet fun stress reliever at work.
  • Rubber Bath Ducky – A cute pair of “sweet heart” ducks are available at

Novelty T-shirt Ideas as a Funny Gift

There are many websites online that offer custom shirts as well as funny choices. A personalized T-shirt (from a site such as Spreadshirt) can be ideal for an “injoke” caption.

Other funny wearable gifts include Borat’s Mankini, novelty aprons and a whole range of tacky items usually become available in shops close to Valentine’s day. Funny yet cool t-shirts can be found at and the Mr Men series in particular make excellent presents for men.

Romantic Yet Fun Board Games offers an ideal personalized present based on the classic Monopoly. Basically the board game can be customized with photographs, romantic outings, birthdays, anniversaries and other things special to the couple. Alternatively a Scrabble Valentine’s day game is a good choice and comes with a card too.

Love Books – A Personalized Funny Gift offer an easy way to make cute and funny books telling partner why you love them. There is an option to choose from hard cover or soft cover binding and a large database of customizable designs mean that a unique book can be made with very little artistic skill.

Use the above ideas to find a funny Valentine’s day gift for a boyfriend or husband. Gift giving is fun with novelty presents that are inexpensive and uncommon. Joke gifts provide laughter and stop Valentines day from being so serious.

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