Fun Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: Use Candy to Express Valentine Love

Valentine’s Day is a day for creativity, love, romance, and special treats. Old and young alike enjoy showing others how much they care through notes, cards, candy, and gifts. There is no better way to let a special one know exactly how much he or she is loved than a homemade Valentine. Cute, unique ideas are a wonderful way to send out the message. Add a piece of candy to the card and watch the faces light up with joy! Consider some of these ideas of Valentine phrases and match them up with popular candy favorites.

Types of Candies to Use for Valentine’s Day Cards

When looking for the perfect candy to add to a Valentine’s Day card, choose small snack size bars, small mouth size pieces, or wrapped suckers. All of these are much easier to attach to a card than full size candy bars. Also, think about the color scheme when choosing the right candy for a particular card paper color. Some wrappers match better than others.

Adding a Phrase to a Homemade Valentine

Once the selection of candy has been viewed, think about creative sayings that will show affection and relate the name of the treat. There are several different types of candy products with names that can easily be identified with love. However, the most creative phrase take more thought. The Valentines can be serious, funny, or romantic.

Sample Love Quotes

  • Starburst: You are my shining star.
  • Snickers: You always make me laugh.
  • Whoopers: You’re a whooping good Valentine.
  • DumDum Suckers: I’m no DumDum, I love you!
  • Milky Way: Our love is out of this world.
  • Hersheys: Here she is – your Valentine. (For women to give to men. Add a picture of the lady inside)
  • Piece of bubble gum: Your love blows me away!
  • Almond Joy: You’re the joy of my life!
  • Mounds: We always have mounds of fun together!
  • Zero: Bar none – you are the best!
  • Suckers: Valentine, I am stuck on you!
  • Sugar Babies: Will you be my sugar baby?
  • Fig Newton: It fig-ures, we were meant to be.
  • Now and Laters: Together forever, now and later!
  • Hug and Kisses: Hugs and kisses from me to you!
  • Lifesavers: Valentine, you saved my life!
  • Airhead: Don’t be an airhead, be my Valentine!
  • Atomic Fireball: Valentine, you set me on fire!

Creating original Valentines for to celebrate the holiday can be lots of fun. Shop the candy sections of stores and let the creativity run wild! Cut out construction paper hearts, glue on the candy, and add a catchy phrase for the perfect homemade card.

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