Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas – Gifts for Women: Send a Dozen Red Roses to Workplace or Give a Framed Photo

When money is tight, a man should get the biggest bang for his buck with some red roses or a simple gift. Here are cheap Valentine’s Day ideas to melt a girl’s heart.

A Dozen Red Roses

A dozen red roses is a simple, traditional gift. Most men just go to a website, click a few times, and have some flowers delivered to their girlfriends’ homes. However, a guy can make this effortless gesture into something fabulous.

It is much better to have the flowers delivered to the right place, where a woman can show off how much her boyfriend loves her, in front of her gal pals. Make sure a girlfriend gets her flowers:

  • At her workplace
  • In school, if she’s in high school or college

Flower Delivery

Men will never understand what Valentine’s Day means to a woman, but that is no excuse for ignoring the holiday.

Delivering roses to a woman’s office or place of work doubles the connotation of the gift. It makes a girl feel loved and valued. It helps her self-esteem. It makes her friends jealous. And, it elevates a woman’s status among her peers.

Cheap Roses

For a younger guy with a high school or college girlfriend, the point of delivery works in a similar fashion. Giver her the flowers at school.

Usually, a guy in school doesn’t have a ton of money to waste on a dozen red roses. The answer to this is for the guy to give his sweetie one perfect red rose. Here’s the catch: a boyfriend must hand this one red rose to the girlfriend himself. This cannot be delegated to a delivery person.

Doing this will allow the girl to blush and get all cute and mushy in front of her friends.

When money is tight, one perfect red rose will do the job for older guys who can’t afford a dozen perfect roses. To find the best rose, go to a florist shop not a grocery store. The one red rose should be presented to the woman at work.

Framed Photo

Another way for men to make their girlfriends happy, without spending a fortune, is to give her a framed photo of the two of them in a happy moment. This gift works best if they are a newly formed couple. Why is this a good Valentine’s Day present?

Women are never sure whether it is appropriate to display a “couples picture” in their homes. If a girl does this too soon in a relationship, it would be awkward, so giving her this photo gives her the green light to consider the relationship “official”.

Take note of this important point. The photograph must be one that is very flattering to the lady. A guy should frame a photo where the woman is looking her best, even if it is not the best shot of him. A nicely framed photo is a lovely and inexpensive way for a guy to tell a girl that he loves her.

Handmade Card

Guys can either make their own cards or find handmade cards online or in bookstores. When buying a handmade card, a man should look for something special, though the card does not have to be frilly or corny. A man should get a card that is blank inside so he can customize a poem or write a personalized thought for his girlfriend. However, guys should never write anything embarrassing in a card.

Any man who gives a handmade personalized card along with roses or a photo will spend less and give more.

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