Cheap Valentine Ideas, Free Valentine Gifts: Create Homemade Valentine Presents With a Sexy Valentine Idea

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is too commercial. Perhaps they’re right, but when February 14th arrives no one can deny that they’re secretly hoping for romance. The good news is that a Valentine present does not need to break the bank.

The Art of the Free Valentine Gift

One easy idea is to produce a Sexy Coupon Book for your loved one. Design a simple template on your computer (see image below) or perhaps use some coloured pens or pencils and really personalise them. You can offer simple things like: ‘One Free Massage’ or ‘One Free Kiss’, but why not get creative?

Try designing a coupon with more detail: ‘This coupon entitles the holder to one free, romantic, warm oil massage in a candlelit bedroom. Dress code of masseur/masseuse is negotiable’. When you’ve designed a few, cut them out, staple them together and place them inside your Valentine’s card.

Another idea for a cheap valentine gift is to use a favourite photo of the pair of you together. Grab an old picture frame – one that perhaps holds a photo of an aunt you’re not keen on – and place your photo inside. You can even bedazzle (I believe that’s the phrase kids now use) the frame. Or, if you’re feeling naughty, take a new picture of yourself that perhaps hints at what might happen later that evening…

The Poem – A Perfect Homemade Valentine Present

To write poetry about someone is the height of romance and it’s also the ultimate free Valentine gift. If you’re not a fan of soppy lovey-dovey language, then use humour instead. One method is to tie yourself in knots with your rhymes. Feel free to use this example, but try adding some more verses:

I remember the first time I saw you / It was in a field where cows went moo / No it wasn’t, but bear with me / I can’t rhyme for toffee / So I stared deep in your eyes / You know, those things from which you cries.

Does that even make sense? / This is making me tense / What I want to say is that I love you / There must be easier ways to do… that.

Cheap Valentine Ideas

One gift that many people recommend is a head massager. The ‘Orgasmatron’ is world famous for good reason – it has to be one of the most amazing and relaxing feelings on earth to have the small tentacles of that simple invention exploring your scalp.

A wonderful meal is a classic idea that could be the best Valentine gift for your partner. But don’t have a meal out. Too many restaurants are packed to the point of bursting on Valentine’s Day and many simply seem interested in getting you in and out as quickly as possible while maximising their takings with obvious over-pricing.

With a little work, you can transform any room into your personal, romantic restaurant. Plenty of candles, some soft music, a vase of flowers, some wine and three courses prepared in advance can’t be beat.

Plus, the bedroom is only a few steps away… in fact, why not set up a special Valentine’s picnic on your bed for a truly sexy Valentine idea? All you need is a blanket and a selection of food and drink. Choose whatever you like, but soup is probably difficult to eat on a bed, and try to come up with something more sexy than a Pot Noodle. Even a nice stone-baked pizza will do the trick.

A can of whipped cream might come in handy later, too.

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