Best Top 50 Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

In the 14th century Valentine’s Day was associated with love. By the Middle Ages Valentine’s Day was linked with romance and courtship. By the 18th century gifts and handmade cards were given out on Valentine’s Day in England. Then to really put Valentine’s Day on the map in 1840 the first Valentine’s Day card was produced by an American Greeting Card company.

Valentine’s Day arrives once a year on February 14th. For lovers around the world it is the day in which they prove how romantic they can be. Their actions say, “I love you.” Many have been daunted by such a task. Plans have been made and failed. So to give everybody a chance to make their mark or redeem themselves here is 50 ways to say I love you on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. Bubble bath for two with champagne and candles
  3. Rose petals on the bed, candles in the bedroom
  4. Romantic dinner for two at a favourite restaurant
  5. Picnic by the fireplace
  6. Renting a favourite romantic movie
  7. Full body massage
  8. Attending for a hockey, basketball or football game
  9. Baked goods
  10. Flowers
  11. Write a poem
  12. Quote a poet
  13. Serenade under the window sill
  14. Write a song
  15. Day at the spa for couples
  16. Heart shaped balloons with messages hand written by you on each one
  17. Favourite book signed by the author
  18. Picture or painting done by favourite artist
  19. Love notes left in lunch bag or in pants pockets
  20. Road trip to the country
  21. Concert tickets to favourite band
  22. Ballet tickets
  23. Tickets to the theatre
  24. Tickets to the symphony
  25. Dedication on the radio
  26. Ad in the newspaper declaring your love
  27. Banner over a bypass
  28. Message on a billboard
  29. Proposal of marriage
  30. Gift card to favourite store
  31. Homemade chocolate
  32. A night at an upscale hotel or resort
  33. Plane tickets to somewhere warm
  34. Everything done on the to do list that you have been putting off for months
  35. Board games, cheese and crackers by a roaring fire
  36. Dress up and go dancing
  37. Dedicate a song during Karaoke
  38. Make your own card
  39. Draw or paint a picture
  40. Skating outdoors at night
  41. Hot tub under the stars
  42. Carriage ride for two
  43. Skiing trip with a sleepover at the lodge or cabin
  44. Burn a CD of romantic songs
  45. Put a romantic banner on the garage door
  46. Home made candy
  47. Limousine to dinner
  48. A home made phot collage of the two of you
  49. Wine tasting tours
  50. Buy a adorable pet

Valentine’s Day gives couples the opportunity to put each other first. To remember what it is that they love about each other and to celebrate their love. These 50 ways to say I I love you should help to make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

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