A Million Roses for Valentine’s: Make a Katamari of One Million Roses for Your Sweetheart

On Valentine’s Day, why stop at one bouquet of flowers when you can give your significant other one million roses in We Love Katamari.

The 2005 sequel to Katamari Damacy has an unlockable level where the goal is exactly that: roll up one million roses.

We Love Katamari is the second of a series of strange games in which the object is to run around with a ball rolling up random objects. You start with small stuff like erasers and thumb tacks, but build up to car, buildings and eventually…the whole world.

In the sequel, you play as the King of All Cosmos’ son (or one of his cousins) who takes requests from earthlings to roll up more stuff. For example, a teacher will request that you roll up her school.

One level in particular is a special challenge, the rose level. Especially since for most of it, you’re picking up one rose at a time on a ball. Bouquets are spread around, but even they only contain 10 roses.

A rough calculation after rolling up 100,000 roses leaves a guestimation that it would take about 50 hours to complete the level.

That one level that is double the average playing time of most games, which means We Heart Katamari has a lot of playing time.

One FAQ actually contains instructions for attaching rubber bands to a PS2 controller to make the level easier, but really, that’s not very romantic now, is it?

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