7 Inexpensive Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

These unique Valentine’s Day gifts will show your loved one that you care. These gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife are also cheap and easy to make. Try giving one of these presents to your partner to show how much you love him or her this Valentine’s Day.

Inexpensive Gifts: A Homemade Candle-Lit Dinner

Even if you can’t make your own dinner, you can serve up a candle lit dinner. Just order out food, while setting up a table cloth with a flower arrangement and candles to set the mood. If you are a good cook, make a delicious homemade meal to enjoy. Play music to set the mood, and enjoy the look on the face of your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, when you give this present.

A Mixed CD: Cheap and From the Heart

Create a mixed CD with romantic songs or songs that are meaningful to your relationship. Try putting a picture of the two of you as cover art, or draw your own. If you include a handwritten note explaining the CD, your partner will be sure to swoon over this romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

Flowers: Brighten Your Loved One’s Day

If you live in a warmer climate, pick some flowers to give as a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. These are a cheap present that will brighten up your loved one’s house. If you don’t live in a warm climate, try giving seeds to plant in the spring or bulbs to plant indoors.

Cheap Gift and Easy Craft: Pamphlet of Coupons

Give a romantic gift of “coupons” for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to redeem. These coupons can be for anything. Try picking chores that your loved one dislikes, and make the coupons good for redemption at any time, allowing your partner to get you to do the chores. Other ideas for coupons are massages, homemade dinners and hugs.

A Scrapbook: Love on Every Page

Print off pictures at a store to put into a scrapbook for your loved one. Try including stories in the book about the pictures, and make sure to leave space at the end to continue the book in the future. This is a nice and inexpensive sentimental gift to give to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

A Painting: Inexpensive Craft for Your Partner

Have you ever seen the movie Waking Life? Try printing off a picture of you and your loved one, and going over the painting with similarly colored oil or acrylic paints. This is an inexpensive craft to show how much you love your partner.

Combine These Cheap Presents: A Gift Basket of Love

Buy a cheap basket and fill it with inexpensive homemade goodies, framed pictures or the gifts above. You could also supplement it with cheap items that are meaningful for you or your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

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