4 Senior Valentine Adventures: Climb, Fly, Walk Shop to Celebrate Lasting Love

For happy couples, “each day is Valentine’s Day,” as the song goes. But many longtime loves make Feb. 14 even more memorable by choosing a great trip to an exotic or hard-to-reach getaway destination.

Cuddle in a Colorado Mountain Hut

One couple I know has planned cross-country skiing to one of the 10th Mountain Huts in the Colorado Rockies next week. The huts are rugged but well-appointed and the views are spectacular. If you think you might like to do this next year, reserve now — they’re extremely popular. And if you plan on a romantic snuggle, be sure to choose a hut with a private room; at some huts, the beds are dormitory style.

Want a Luxury Valentine?

Travel around the world by private jet. Smithsonian Jouneys offers a 24-day expedition that departs February 13 and ends March 8. This once-in-a lifetime adventure explore 13 of the “world’s most treasured and legendary places that define the human experience, where natural splendor merges with the majesty of human achievement,” to quote the breathless Smithsonian catalog. Among the highlights: Easter Island, the Egyptian pyramids, Samoa in Polynesia, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Angkor Cambodia, Tibet, and the Serengeti. Whew! My bank account feels lighter already. Price: a mere $49,950 (Double Occupancy).

Committed Valentines Cruise and Shop

Buy him or her a ring to mark your commitment — and save a few bucks too. Couples combine shopping with a Caribbean getaway and purchase an engagement, wedding or friendship ring in duty-free. Catch an AARP Passport cruise to the Bahamas and cruise the shops for that band of gold duty-free. You will have to pay some duty depending on the price of the ring and the amount of your duty exemption. It makes sense you educate yourself first about the kind of jewelry you plan to buy, be it a diamond ring or titanium wedding bands. Note stateside prices so you’ll have a point of comparison on your travels.

Intrepid Valentines Walk Morocco

A British friend recommended Inntravel, among the leading British companies who offer independent walking holidays. Beat a path to Europe’s trails and go at your own pace, using the companies detailed notes and maps. Adventure? How about Morocco, where the walks are still for individuals rather than groups, but clients stay at just one hotel and Inntravel assigned a personal Berber guide who will meet you at your hotel each morning.

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