Secret Codes and Symbols of Love for Valentine’s Day

Secrets are romantic. Having your own secret code or symbol for love can be romantic and fun. One of the nice things about secrets is that they are just as special as a gift and cost nothing but your trust and loyalty. My father always signed cards to my mother with a tiny symbol that […]

Romantic Valentine Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

When February 14th rolls around, you want to be the guy your woman’s friends coo about – right? Even if you’re not especially romantic, these easy ideas for romantic gifts will make you look good and win you lots of “Romance Points.” Easiest Gift for Valentine’s Day Pick up a frame and add a favorite […]

Ready for February 14th?: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Showing your love for your significant other should not be measured in one day. However, Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for couples in love to share with each other. Unfortunately, trying to decide what to get your Valentine can be a bit tricky. Homemade Gifts Ideas Many people would much rather receive a gift […]

Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

Mention the date “February 14th” to anyone over ten years of age, and their thoughts fly to romantic heart-shaped boxes of candy and frilly Valentine cards. You don’t need Hallmark to express loving thoughts to that special person in your life. Simply copy one of these delightful quotes or prayer on a red heart and […]

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